Serpent Sting question

Im trying to get the following action working

apply Serpent Sting
wait 12 seconds then reapply Serpent sing

my guess was to do it with adding a pause block after an action block with a wait time of say 10000ms but for some reason the minimacro keeps firing off the serpent sting with out waiting.
anyone got any suggestions for it

could try putting a reset timer

I rarely use it but try
/cast serpent sting reset=12
I am not sure if that will work but an idea

only thing I am not sure if that timer is milliseconds or seconds. I think it is seconds but I am not sure to be honest.

Yes, it’s seconds but it only works if that ability isn’t used for 12 seconds.

so will it stop it from recasting until 12 seconds is up? cast once then again in 12 seconds? I normally use different spells to make internal timers using recast timers of spells so curious.

If you set your macro to reset using a timer, the number you use will be in seconds. You can also use reset=combat, to tell the macro to reset when you leave combat.

yeah, i know the reset combat and reset target. But they want it to recast ever 12 seconds. I personally would write two lines.
/castsequence reset=target serpent sting, nomorespells
and then
/cast serpent sting reset= 12

in two different blocks. so it will cast once when you switch targets and then next block will recast it every 12 seconds. I would have to test it but that should work. I think.

Reset=x don’t work with casts only castsequence and if you use the macro in any way it won’t reset as the reset= x means reset after x seconds if I don’t touch the macro in any way at all for x seconds. Touching it at 11 seconds of the 12 will cause it to start counting seconds from scratch again and continue where it’s up to.

To get the pause block to work make sure that the ms value you use outside the game matches what you have in GSE’s options.

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ok ty TimothyLuke. Like I said I rarely ever attempt to use the reset= unless it is combat or target.
TY for the clarification

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