Shadow Priest - Any Talent Combination (ADVANCED)

Hey everybody,

As with all my macro / weakaura sets, here’s one for BfA that works with ANY TALENT COMBINATION. :+1:

Compared to my previous contributions, this new content focuses on a set of macros that works with my new / more complete Heads Up Display (HUD). Moreover, everything lines up better with my improved playstyle.

Feel free to checkout the short video I uploaded to my YouTube channel and copy/paste the macro and weakaura strings provided below:


MACROS (exported using GSE 2.4.08):

WEAKAURAS (exported using the latest version):

RAW text:

Cheers! :beers:

  • These Macros & Weakaura HUD is Awesome!
  • This setup is too complicated!

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EDIT (21-JAN-2019): I just ran my first three bosses in heroic Uldir yesterday. Obviously I had a lot to learn, but my DPS was competitive still even though my overall rating was not:

I recently ran my first LFR (lol) - I just can’t find the time to play much these days. Anyway, I posted what I had here:

Cheers! ?

All macros are listed above. Simply click the link to the raw text, select all, copy/paste to addon.

Same goes for the WeakAuras. ?

Cheers! ?

FYI - The Informational WeakAura group was updated:

  • Primal Rage - was missing, but is there now. ?
  • Power Word: Fortitude - did not consider dead or alive status before, nor did it see if valid friendly targets were in range - now it does.

Cheers! ?

If you have already unbound your Key Bindings as outlined here, then perhaps you’re running into the Windows/Numpad issue mentioned here - assuming your macros are bound to numbers 1 thru 6 on your numpad.

The latter issue is something I ran into with my previous play style, and one of a few reasons why I decided to change things up - to get all of my Key Modifiers (SHIFT/CTRL/ALT) to work as intended.

Since moving my spells next to my movement keys (as shown in the video) I have not experienced a single Key Mod problem. This is my recommended solution (changing play styles), but probably not something you want to hear as it is very difficult to do. I can sympathize because I know how long this process can take - I fumbled through it for several weeks. Of which, it was all worth it in the end.

I hope you find an AHK solution or something less painful instead, and if you do maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing your solution with the community.

This is something I have considered and may release in the near future.

Until then, good luck! ?

Yeah, of all my characters I personally like this set of WeakAuras the best. The key mods take a bit to get used to for sure. Heck, some combinations still feel a bit awkward to me - so I’m always open for suggestions.

Cheers! ?


  • Macros and WeakAuras will work with a few of the major Heart of Azeroth Essences now.
  • Added my Purify & Dispel macro too!

NOTE: These changes make the video a bit outdated now. :flushed:

Cheers! :beers:

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where is the code macro ?

Somebody else asked this same question, the answer is the same as before: