Shadow Priest *BfA* - Any Talent Combination (ADVANCED)

Tnx a lot keep the good work

I realy try to my self not to ask … but i will ask… in the WA in icon’s in video you have somthing like bubble how to get that?

P.S: Tnx

Oh yes, the rotating “bubble-like” Progress Textures encircling each Icon…

When I first conceptualized this HUD, I wanted a cool “frame” around each Icon. The addon didn’t provide this functionality, so I made a copy of each Icon, converted each copy into a Progress Texture, and placed each Progress Texture in such a way that created the affect I was looking for.

I stopped doing this after awhile, because each time I made a change to one of the Icons, I needed to apply the same change to the Progress Texture - to ensure proper functionality - doubling my work. :unamused:

Feel free to recreate these yourself if you like; here’s a sample from my Warlock’s old HUD:

Cheers! :beers: