Shadow Priest *BfA* - Any Talent Combination (ADVANCED)

Tnx a lot keep the good work

I realy try to my self not to ask … but i will ask… in the WA in icon’s in video you have somthing like bubble how to get that?

P.S: Tnx

Oh yes, the rotating “bubble-like” Progress Textures encircling each Icon…

When I first conceptualized this HUD, I wanted a cool “frame” around each Icon. The addon didn’t provide this functionality, so I made a copy of each Icon, converted each copy into a Progress Texture, and placed each Progress Texture in such a way that created the affect I was looking for.

I stopped doing this after awhile, because each time I made a change to one of the Icons, I needed to apply the same change to the Progress Texture - to ensure proper functionality - doubling my work. :unamused:

Feel free to recreate these yourself if you like; here’s a sample from my Warlock’s old HUD:

Cheers! :beers:

How do you turn sounds off ?

The following steps will allow you to do disable the sound for a specific WeakAura (WA):

  1. Determine which WA is causing the sound you want disabled.
  2. Open the WeakAura2 addon (/wa)
  3. Find & select the WA whose sound you want disabled (column on the left)
  4. Click the “Actions” tab (section on the right)
  5. Remove the check mark from the “Play Sound” option, or change the sound to something you prefer.

Alternatively, to disable ALL sounds:

  1. Select ALL WAs (on the left)
  2. Click the “Actions” tab (on the right)
  3. Remove the check mark from the “Play Sound” option.

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Update for last release ?

Were spells/talents added or removed since the previous release? If not, no update is required.

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I mean combinations with essences of the heart (Example: Memory of Lucid Dreams Major with Focused Energy, Blood-Soaked and Lethal Strikes) corruptions (Example: Severe and Expedient) to optimize and raise the dps

More info:

Thanks for the reminder!

The OP now includes updated hyperlinks to the newest macro and weakaura versions.

Cheers! :beers:

Sethadon looks like another awesome one I used your last expansion and did very well for me raiding. Im just getting back recently and will definately be trying this one out. been using your macros for years now always appreciate the hard work yourself and the other coders do to make these scripts for us.

Thanks for all your efforts

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What sort of DPS are you getting single target with your current ilvl Seth?

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Raidbots (Quick Sim):

Target Dummy (5+ mins):

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Thanks Sethadon always awesome work

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