Shaman Enhancement - STORMCHASER 10.2 - LVL 70 UPDATED!

Ok so ST was interesting. Cast LB 36 (Sim 14) times in 4 mins. Elemental Blast 3 times (Sim 17), Stormstrike 37 (Sim 68). Not sure if it was something I did differently or what. Ill give it another 4 min run.

Second ST run @ 4 min, same result. So weird

So its constant , good enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have already new tier ?!

Thats probably why, more LB then others.

Im happy how it is, but if you found anything better, let me knowww hehe

No I have no T31 yet. LFR gave nothing and my raids are Sat/Sun. So we will see tomorrow. Ill give it another go once I start getting T31. I am sure either yours or mine will be better once I get them. Ill be back when I do.

oke doke !

Please let me know results and feelings on raid :stuck_out_tongue:

First thank you both for all the work you’re doing in this community! I know we all truly appreciate it. With that said, I can’t get anywhere close to the numbers you are. I’m at a loss at what the issue is. I’m getting about 40k ST with 455 ilvl. It seems to hard cast LB+EB if I’m standing still. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I’ve tried both 105 ms and 205 ms

Yep, keep moving nonstop to gain maelstrom stacks

Ours spells are instant at 5 to 10 stacks so for not breaking or skippin blocks, dance like a maniac.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Ah thank you for quick reply! I will try to figure it out but unfortunately with my disability it is harder for me to do movement+macro. Maybe a new class for me but I love shaman!

I very much understand.

U can try elemental spec, so you can be all static you want.

Look for other elemental macros around here.

I will try that but I also experimented with my brother using it strafing back and forth constantly and saw no increase in DPS. Really at a loss at what the issue is to be that far off what you both are seeing at lower? ilvl.

Sideways is the way to go, or jump sideways.

Very much of enhancement dps is based on those instant casts sadly.

This is 4 minute ST test with full movement 49.5k. Anything look glaringly wrong?

31 LBS

Where is Primordial Wave?! seems to be skipping that cast too.

But mostly stats.

Oh, and enchants, embellishments x 2 .

Giime a few minutes to grab a snapshot.


Hmm you’re right I don’t have any embellishments. I went up to 205 MS and Primordial Wave goes off but my DPS is about 10k lower?? So confusing. Here are my stats:

Fixed 60k DPS after 5 fixed minutes on dummy ( and i failed for about 20 sec forgot to put wf totem xD )

Thanks for the screenshot! 60k seems attainable if I get embellishments but I was referencing this #. That was fully buffed in raid?

On raid always fully buffed, prepared , foods, etc…

Sorry if you misunderstood ( more like my fault to no explicit saying that :stuck_out_tongue: )

Buffed you will atain those numbers.

the ltalents key says error and outdated

Guys, i installed everything, got the icon on my actionbar.
hen i try to use it, it just auto attacks. what do i do wrong?

Try doing this. Open GSE in-game ( type /gse in chat ), then go to Options, then Troubleshooting, then “CVar Settings” section, then Activate “ActionButtonUseKeyDown”(make the square yellow), in the section bellow named “Force ActionButtonUseKeyDown” set it to KeyDown or KeyUp. See if it solves your problem! It fixed for my brother.

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