Shift mod stop casting?

I’m wondering if there’s a way you know when you have a for example mod and then put it at shift

Like I’m using a keyboard clicker so when I press the key the keyboard clicker starts clicking fast no I don’t wanna make the MS CLICKER slower

I want to the GSE to basically pause or stop once for example “shift “ is pressed so I can shift 4 a ability instead of slamming the shift 4 a bunch of times to get one cast

As GSE once it’s executing only know the current event - no you have to press Shift+4 enough times to clear the GCD and come into effect.

Ok so I have my auto clicker set to at 0ms as it makes it every ability to be clicked as soon as it can click.

If I set MS to 100-150 yes it is much easier to shift 4 and use a ability I have my keys 1-10 then top is shift plus number

I’m trying to use SHIFT to basically make GSE PAUSE OR STOP so I can use my keybinds normally.

For example if I use shift mod for avatar i would shift bam use avatar and once avatar is on cooldown or any other ability I put for shift mod I can EASILY use shift plus keybinds to use my other ability

Basically my auto clicker goes always clicking and GSE clicking and working abilities I want to be able to press shift and then GSE pause is this possible sorry it’s hard to explain so u guys use a discord ?

Like I said — No what you are describing is not possible.

I see, sorry it’s just so hard to explain.

Is this not a current feature? Correct?

Would it be implementable in near future?

I’m just trying to make the keybinds more easier to press while having GSE doing my basic attacks so my fingers don’t fall off then I can shift burst

If possible would you be open to the idea? Would donate a good amount if this possible thank u

You could donate 1 million gold or 1 million dollars. It won’t change the fact that what you are asking is simply impossible.


Okay got it thanks sorry Just been trying to figure this out