Simple Rotation--- new addon to check out:

Found this today while updating my other addons. Looks awesome-- feel free to check it out:

Simple Rotation

Just a note, this addon does not play well with Macro Toolkit, so you may want to disable that / not use it, if you want to give this one a shot.

Saw this, went and checked it out and it works really well I’ve found for my ret pally. No hang ups on skills that proc, like ive had in the past with GS. Gonna give this a go for awhile and see how it turns out. Thankfully I just turned my GS macros into macros from this.

6.2 patch just hit. Simple rotation or Gnome sequencer not working.

(Simple rotation, addon doesn’t even show up even though enabled and out of date addons checked)

GS doesn’t auto do the rotation if press button)