Single Button Balance druid macro sets for patch 10.0.5 level 70 update: 01/25/23

Me, too. I saw someone point that out in a thread a while ago.

In your self healing macro the line:

/cast [nochanneling] Barkskin

Located in the keypress variable is actually blocking the macro from executing.

I noticed some spells were causing macro locking at some point, maybe Barkskin actually changed behavior regarding this.

I’ve been using this macro and so far is the best one for me in this forum.

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Yeah, but it would be nice if it got updates.

Alright, after taking a short break from this game I decided to mess around with this macro set a bit more. The biggest changes I made to the st and aoe sets is I added starfal/starsurge in additional spots in the rotation in to increase the chances that those spells will get used before Astral power has a chance to max out.

I also did some tweaking to the heals set to fix the barkskin issue and to hopefully improve its effectiveness. I also decided to add convoke the spirits to one of the blocks in the rotation which you should be able to easily disable if you don’t need that extra bit of survivability.

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Apparently with the new patch 10.0.5 these talents are out of date, could you please update them? Thank you.

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Alright, I took a bit more time to update this set due to the talents changing quite a bit on the balance side. I also made a few additional tweaks to the aoe and single target builds, specifically, I added a block for wild mushroom if you want to substitute some other talents for that one. This also now allows for the choice between full moon and fury of elune depending on the situation.


Thank you much!! Your contribution is very much appreciated!

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Thank you for the update! :slight_smile: