Single spell icons

guys is there any way to have the macros just show 1 spell icon and not cycle through them all ? so for example you could have a frost DK macro and just have it always show an icon for obliterate no matter what the actual spell thats being used ?

I have unchecked the box in gse that says " set default icon to questionmark " and i have also changed the icon in the macro itself , and i have also removed the #showtooltip line, but its still showing other spell icons :frowning:

Just change the icon as usual in the macro menu ingame and save.

Anyway, is it showing for you spell tooltips as usual, when you mouseover?

Maybe thats your problem.


i have changed the icon in the macro menu, but for some reason its still cycling through spells , when i hover over the keybind while pressing i can see at least 3 different tooltips

sorry , ive got it to show 1 icon now, the problem im having is it still like spazzing when im holding macro down, like its trying to show cooldown of sigil etc

thats the bit im trying to get rid of, so it just literally shows 1 spell icon which is fracture, and just the tooltip of fracture etc
atm its currently trying to cycle between sigil of fire and spiritbomb cooldowns, as in its showing the cooldown of sigil on the icon instead of showing fracture cooldown only etc, bit weird