Siphon Life and Haunt

Give this one a whirl. I’ve got it set up as a 3 button because no matter how much I tried Haunt and D’Glare were always delayed too much. I’ve got UA and Seed set up on mods, it will cast UA during the macro, but this build let’s you sit at 2 plus shards for a lot of the time, so I just time it to dump before Deathbolt comes off cd. Deathbolt is a bit iffy, and I may have to set up another mod to manually fire it if I keep missing out on too many stacks of UA while it’s off cd. Raidbots at my current ilvl says I should do 6.6% damage on my Deathbolt alone, and I’m getting 11.5 on mutiple tests, but I know i could eek more out of it with larger bolts with more UA’s. Other damage is % spot on, with the exception of shadowbolts, no matter how many times I tried I could not line the timers up to reach sim percentages, and the best I could do was 3% below theory data with a macro. If I tried anything else I was dropping stacks of agony, sl, and corruption, so I opted for keeping those up over 3% more damage with shadowbolts. Anyway, give it a try, I put haunt on button 1, macro on button 2, and D’glare on button 3, fired at 84ms with the three buttons working in tandem.

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Mod Shift for dumping UA’s at start before Deathbolt initially kicks off. timing for me set at 85ms, agony has 100% uptime, corruption and siphon life (from time to time) drop off for max of 2 seconds.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.11.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Shadow Bolt

KeyPress: Corruption, Summon Voidwalker, Unstable Affliction, Seed of Corruption, Siphon Life, Summon Felhunter, Agony

Main Sequence: Corruption, Deathbolt, Agony, Unstable Affliction, Phantom Singularity, Shadow Bolt, Siphon Life