Site Updates and More!

Hello guys, summer is ending soon for me but no worries, I still will be around. I’m still working on expanding the site, like lazy macros for “Rift” game but it takes time. Also have to thank our visitors by hitting the “Like” button, we reached the requirements and I was able to rename the ugly long number page to just “LazyMacros” on Facebook! And many thanks to also for providing a complimentary premium account! During my free time I have been gathering haters while doing Player vs Player with my Frost Death Knight, it is pretty fun to murder ally’s with the lazy macro. Some people makes toons on my server just to tell me how awful I am, cussing and telling me I have no skill. But wait a minute they are the ones dying, don’t blame my lazy macro for you not having skill LoL.
Here is a nice quote for you friendly haters:

It's mind over matter... I don't mind and you don't matter!
Here is a link to my DK armory if you want to copy the spec and start owning the battlegrounds!’dorei/Scrappycoco/simple

Remember haters it’s a game, not concert piano.