So guys and girls

Been a few weeks now, what have you all come up with ? I’ve found it difficult with the old macro system but have managed to make a ranged and melee macro which works pretty well but not how I would like and still a bit buggy…

On me phone right now will post them later…

Please all post what you have see if we can use each other’s ideas to make the
Perfect Lazy Macro !!

Good luck & Keep kiting !

Most of whats out there has been posted in the main section, plenty of codes you could had pulled from them. I am not entirely sure what you think to gain in this thread that not been posted already.

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Classic my friend classic… i’m still working on stuff so i don’t really understand what you are getting from your post.

i was talking about “classic my friend…classic” You can literally see post after post of people posting macros since launch day.

You are asking people to post stuff but my point was the people posting stuff ARE posting already. This link is NOTHING BUT classic

My friend… I have not posted all I have yet, maybe others haven’t.

I have a couple things coming, They dont really need to be in GSE format , but it does make it easy to have them all in it. Heres a couple examples,

To change weapons, Place in first backpack slot.

/use 0 1

That will swap 1h weapons, even in combat

/use 01
/use 02
for 2h weapons, use a shift modifier maybe to add in a different offhand, like skull of impending doom, play with it

that same macro can be used for bandages and food, put bandgae in slot 3, foor in 4 and adjust your macro numbers.
/use Runecloth Bandage
/Use Roasted Quail

/Cast [@cursor] Flare
This one i love, with all the changes that fucked us hunters, like the 50ms spell batching that scrwed up Feign death/ trap macro, the @ cursor would make up for it ,…
If anyone has gotten an @Cursor to work with Volley somehow, let me know,this is PERFECT for GSE / AHK combo, we want it to do volley, then click.

/Cast Aspect of the Monkey
/Cast Aspect of the hawk
those 2 work pretty well together, saves a keybind, meh.

Ive posted the FD to trap macro already, heres another that works ok

/Pet Passive
/Cast Feign Death
/Use Mana Biscut
/use M…Ive forgotten the good mage water

That allows you to FD/ drink as fast as possible, replace the last line with the blue vendor crap, or the Mage water you have, if you use the REP WATER all the better, eating the biscut gives mana too.

/cast shadowmeld
/cast Prow
1 tap seems to work to make you stealthed, in pvp, hit it before aimed shotting someone, so you are more difficult to target.

Lastly is not a macro, but its damn handy, the bottom keybind in camera section is a “Look Behind You” watch your six button. Very handy to see patrolls creeping on you, or whatever.

if someone would take the time to make these into GSE that would be great. Ill do it eventually, only have one monitor going right now.

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