Soul Effigy?

So I’m brainstorming what to do about Soul Effigy. Its entire mechanic is rather annoying, but Phantasm’s ultra aggro range isn’t much better and Soul Conduit is bleh.

Currently whenever you cast Soul Effigy it changes your target to the Effigy. You then have to manually select your target again.

What I would like to be able to do is create a single macro for Soul Effigy (or at most 2).


  1. Cast Soul Effigy once during the fight, reset with combat or a modifier.

  2. Find a way to make the Soul Effigy into the focus without having to manually make it the focus.

  3. Switch back to the last target I had casted Soul Effigy on.

  4. (The easy part, which I’ve got down I’m sure) Introduce a @focus castsequence for DoTs so that I can reapply them to the Effigy without having to target it again. (/castsequence [@focus, exists] reset=combat/10 Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life)

I’m having problems getting /focus and /targetlasttarget to work in a macro. The commands work fine in game if I type them out though.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone else has a better way of managing Soul Effigy as well, including add-ons!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah actually I just found a good macro for it!

/target Soul Effigy
/castsequence reset=combat/10 Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life
/targetlasttarget [harm,exists]

Seems to work pretty well. Casts on your Soul Effigy without using the focus spot, or changing your selected target.