Still language Problems

Hello there,

it is still impossible to use the new Version in other languages /what works all days before since i used it at the start of legion)

So you still can´t use any of the macros that are here postet.

When this very important thing for non english wow player (the majority in the world :wink: )will be fixed. ißll give support to the german guys who PM me, but there are the frenh, italia, spanish guys an so on…


На самом деле есть решение, в процессе написания Макроса, необходимо использовать идентификационный номер способностей или предметов.

that here is a problem with the automatic translation, should be clear by now, nothing of the to defy it would be an easy exercise for everyone to translate the Spells themselves. for this you need only wowhead and a little time.