Stonedprot simple rotation macro

Hi Everyone
just wanna share my try on a prot macro. for me its working very good with 10ms…
its only fit for dungeons and open world, because of the taunt ability that i use as a “filler” between shield block. i know some ppl think that is wrong but i really feel like its using shield block better.

you have to use shield wall and last stand on seperate keys, because those skills are very situational and would just be wastes most of the time.

Mod shift: Ancient aftershock, you have to change it if you are kyrian or venthyr.

let me know what u guys think :slight_smile: this is my first post so be gentle

Talents: 3222221


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Hey Man,

I see what you mean about the taunt “filler” but, maybe it’s just a placebo as someone else put it in another topic. I really don’t mind it in there as i’m too anxious to be doing Mythics atm anyway.

I just tested it doing a couple of heroics for fun and cleared both my Torghast wings (ilvl 195) and it ran really smooth for me. Hope you don’t mind but i just added /cast [nochanneling,combat,exists] as i like to have Heroic Throw and Charge in there.

Great job if this is your first macro, i use something similar but, i’ve always got my eye out for new warrior macros (especially Prot). For me, this works great! Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I really appreciate it :wink:

Ive tried many, many combinations with Shield Block/ignore pain… but in the end, this one has the most consistent use of it for me. Even tried managing bolster with last stand and got to around 64% uptime on Shield Block… but i do like a more offensive playstyle…

I only Play prot warrior so i will update this one with every new change :slight_smile: