SUB Rogue True Lazy One Button

As promised here is my sub rogue one button macro it is still a work in progress so any feedback is greatly welcomed :slight_smile: Thanks

ST: just use the macro!

When in a group or dungeon make sure to set focus to the tank (for Tricks of the Trade)



I have tested the macro and it keeps getting hung up or stopped on Shadowstep. Just thought I would bring this up so maybe you could fix it. Good macro btw.

I have rechecked the macro and it seems to working for me. I might suggest that maybe you have a trinket that requires placement in the macro uncheck trinkets and check if that works if it does not then you may have an outdated addon that is conflicting with GSE

P.s don’t forget to follow me on twitch all of my toons use GSE macro’s!!

How fast did u use this macro? (ms)

I run this macro @70ms so start there and adjust as required

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Any updates for this

Lmfao are you watching me or something? I just grabbed this macro again last night so hopefully, soon there may be one :smiley:

Lol nope but that is pretty hilarious

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Thanks. I will wait with pleasure as well some update

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Currently using your older st and aoe macro til we get your updated version lol

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any updates ? macro spend all Shadow Dance to fast :frowning: