Super Demon Control (5.4)

This macro combines every special ability your demons have into one button. Some abilities are useless in some situations, so I recommend removing some of the abilities you’ll never want your demon to use. But here’s the complete list:

Grimoire of Supremacy:

/cast [pet:Observer]Optical Blast
/cast [pet:Observer]Clone Magic
/cast [pet:Voidlord]Suffering
/cast [pet:Voidlord]Disarm
/cast [pet:Fel Imp]Flee
/cast [pet:Fel Imp]Cauterize Master
/cast [pet:Fel Imp]Sear Magic
/cast [pet:Shivarra]Fellash
/cast [pet:Shivarra]Mesmerize
/cast [pet:Wrathguard]Wrathstorm
/stopmacro [pet:Observer]
/stopmacro [pet:Voidlord]
/stopmacro [pet:Fel Imp]
/stopmacro [pet:Shivarra]
/stopmacro [pet:Wrathguard]
/cast Summon [demon of your choice]

Regular Demons:

/cast [pet:Felhunter]Spell Lock
/cast [pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic
/cast [pet:Voidwalker]Suffering
/cast [pet:Voidwalker]Disarm
/cast [pet:Imp]Flee
/cast [pet:Imp]Cauterize Master
/cast [pet:Imp]Single Magic
/cast [pet:Succubus]Whiplash
/cast [pet:Succubus]Seduction
/cast [pet:Felguard]Axe Toss
/cast [pet:Felguard]Felstorm
/stopmacro [pet:Felhound]
/stopmacro [pet:Voidwalker]
/stopmacro [pet:Imp]
/stopmacro [pet:Succubus]
/stopmacro [pet:Felguard]
/cast Summon "demon of your choice"

Replace “demon of your choice” with the demon you want to summon if you do not currently have a demon out.
If you’re Affliction you can add:
/cast Soulburn
/cast Summon “demon of your choice”

although i like where your head is, this looks like it’d fire off a random spell i.e. a fellash when a mezmerize would be needed…

lets do something like

/cast [pet:Observer,mod]Clone Magic;Optical Blast
/cast [pet:Voidlord,mod]Suffering;Disarm
/cast [pet:Imp,mod]Singe Magic;Cauterize Master
/cast [pet:Shivarra,mod]Fellash;Mezmerize
/cast [pet:Wrathguard,mod]Axe Toss;Wrathstorm
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