Survival Hunter Mythic+ 9.2


I translated this for anyone who can help:

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Is there a way to get the bombs to trow slower or something? several secs ea pull the bombs is on cd ;/ i trired to use on outside the macro. but yeah :smiley: i did more dmg at lvl 10 :smiley: haha

you wanna use them on cd…not wait

what speed should it be run at ?

I ran it at 250 ms and didn’t have any problems.

You always want to have a bomb on reserve for red bomb procs. After throwing red bomb you just want to fish for free bombs with KC then throw only the free bomb leaving one for another proc. I just keep bombs out of macro, and have bomb and KC on separate buttons for red bomb phase. (this is with 4set only)

@Xath is correct. To optimize your damage, you have to use the bombs manually in fish for procs. The macro so far, uses bombs all the time, which isn’t really efficient, when it comes to optimal play. I was working on a new version, which I will post an update right after this, with manual bomb usage.

Update May 17:

  • Added a Version 4 to the main sequence, which doesn’t use bombs automatically, but instead only when pressing Shift.
    In this version, Shift is not used to trigger the AoE rotation, which means you have to add it to your bars too.

  • Added a Version 2 to the AoE sequence, same thing as above, with Shift mod to cast bombs.

  • Added a WeakAura for tracking Mad Bombardier procs (including BAM! sound)

With these new versions I highly recommend to have WeakAuras to track your bombs and procs!
The one I use: Luxthos Hunter WA


What ms have you tried that seems to preform the best?

Could you share your BAM! WA too? :slight_smile:

You can find it in the main macro, under the WeakAuras tab at the top.

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If I can ask, if you have been testing, what MS are you finding works the best? Most of the Survival ones seem to work better at 200-250 ish. I am going to be testing myself, but just looking for that starting point.
Also wanted to ask about NF. I saw where they are close and just wondering if you had done any testing or have any thoughts. The Method guide I think says NF is slightly better for raiding, but they dont say anything about M+.

Hey there! Just run it at 200-250MS or try higher speeds. I tested it from 40 MS, up to 250 and didn’t see any significant DPS wins or losses. As it says in the main post and in the macro description “runs @ whatever MS works for you”.
As for Night Fae, yes I tested it. I mainly play M+, but in dungeons it doesn’t feel good with Wild Spirits and the overall damage seems to be lower. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Take ToP for example: Small groups of enemies and many lieutenant mobs. The NF legendary shines in these situations. Also for higher tyrannical keys, where you don’t have a lot of singletarget DPS in your group, it could be worth playing NF.
In raid, NF is just better, as you nearly always have fewer then 4 targets to hit.

Hope that helps.

Hey m8 removed the old macro and put in this new one. but its still trowing bombs auto on vers 4 :confused: i had to lift it out from the main macro and create a new on to make it work both in and outside dung. Dunno if i missed something on the main one?

mine is working, could use few more raptor strikes but i have it on sep. key !

Slot 4 is working for me but will not reliably drop bombs when i call for them so i put bombs on its own key and tried it that way, I cant put my finger on it yet but it doesnt feel smooth and i have tried ms from 150, 185, 225, 250, 275 and 300.

There is definitely something off with the bombs, yes. I noticed this as well, but also cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it has something to do with different GCDs of the SV abilities? In version 1, with automatic bombs it felt smooth, right?

I am not home at the moment, but will check when I get back.

kinda did, but for the focus not being spent !

@lucifer it was much smoother on version 1 at 185 ms for me. I wonder if adding in the other bomb names would make it smoother since 4 piece dont care what bombs are up when proc’d and we are strictly calling for red bombs. I dont know, i havent been able to do any testing since last night but i plan on doing more today.

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