There was a recent GSE update. Has anyone tested if the /cast !Auto Shot command can now be used correctly?

Version 2 seems to work the best for me

where can I download the version you’re using? I looked on curse and it only goes back to 3.xxx something

When you create a /castsequence reset=2 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot in gse, it will remove the ! from Auto Shot after saving it. This will cause the macro to break, but if you do /cast !Auto Shot it will kinda work.

It’s in the import string, just change GSE to use version2 instead of 3 of the macro. I use the latest up-to-date GSE off Wowup.

oh cool i’ll take a look. So it’s all done in game?

oh you’re talking about the macro version 1 2 and 3.

I was talking about what version of GSE to use haha!

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