The Angry Bear PVE / PVP - Updated April 17 - 2021

Updated April 17 2021 * Fixed a Bug of spamming thrash and swipe only “no mangle” after poping convoke “hopefully” *

Hello everyone , Ive Been Looking For A Good GS For My Guardian Druid For A While And Well They All Missed Something That Was Important To Me So I Decided To Put My Mind + Help Of Friends Together And Create My Own GSE , After Days And Weeks Of Testing I Ended Up With Something That Was Extremely Satisfying So I Decided To Share It With All My Bear Friends Out There .

The GS Is Focused On 3 Things

1- Aoe Damge / Aggro Therefore Thrash Always Goes Off First Spell “Unless Its On CD” And Poping Incarnation / Berserk Will Activate Crazy Aoe Mode Spams Thrash Nonstop

2 - Very Good Constant Single Target Damage For Boss Fights / PVP So Your Moonfire Will Refresh By Just A Milisecond Before It Drop Off Your Target " Almost Perfect Timing Im Very Pleased With It "

3 - Having MODS That Are Important As A Tank *Frenz "For Sure You Know Why " *Ironbark “Short Amazing CD which comes Even More Awesome If You Are Using The Legendary For It” *Remove Corruption lowering The Damge Taken As Well As Those Nasty Movement Speed Reductions

This Macro Comes With 3 MODS That Are Important For Every Bear .

Shift = Frenzy
Ctrl = Barkskin "cuz i use ( The Natural Order’s Will) "
Alt = Remove Corruption cuz a good bear always keep his fur clean :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Running it at 25 MS “logitech software” but should be okay at 50 too
Feedbacks are appreciated :slight_smile: hope u enjoy ~



What speed to you run it at pal? Thanks for the hard work

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hello :slight_smile: thanks for reminding me :stuck_out_tongue: i run it at 25ms with logitech software but it should be fine with 50 or even 100

fine in logitech or ahk ?

not sure what AHK is mate , i use logitech mouse and with it the software , in software the toggle is set at 25MS and it works like a charm

In your macro you have the line /cast [mod:shift,nochanneling:Convoke the Spirits] Frenzied Regeneration; Am I right in thinking hold down shift spams frenzied reg and if not held down it fires off convoke the spirits if off cd. Because it’s not firing off convoke the spirits at all. Thanks

hello , Holding shift indded will cast frenz on you but the nochanneling part only prevent the macro from interrupting NF covenent spell , so u can use ur cov spell without the need of stopping ur GSE before it

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Thanks for the reply and yes it works brilliant, thanks for the good work

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im happy to hear that ^^ i did put a lot of work into making it as much tanky as i could so should help all those guardian druids out there who want to do mythic plus :slight_smile:

is it just me or does it not fire moonfire enough?

moonfire is most effective for single target fights , if u have 12-13% haste or above it should maintain the debuff

Hi ! I want to try this but impossible to import this macro, can u help ?
Thanks !


yea having same issue wont import hope its fixed soon would love to try it out

Hello there thanks for informing me :slight_smile: issue has been fixed / updated Please check and report :slight_smile:

hey there updated / fixed

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in old version I have much more Iron Fur (manual press) stacks :open_mouth:



Thats weird cuz with the new code you should be making a lot more rage which should come out as more ironfur uptime , ironfur is spammed every time it has enough rage for it btw

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I’m having an issue importing the macro says “not specifically designed for this version of the game” Is there a fix for this?? I have the most updated verison of gse.

Thanks for the reminder mate , updated now

love the macro, but removed ironfur from it since i really love to cast it myself.
works pretty darn well with ursoc’s leggo