The Laziest Macro for any Class/Spec

So I am super lazy… I didn’t like the hassle of re-coding every class. Below is how I used Elv_UI + GSE to create a macro that I can change simply by changing the buttons on my bars. I have two bars setup with 10 buttons each, one for single target and the other for AOE.

Set Priority with 10 loops.

On keypress
/tar [exists]mouseover
/targetenemy [noexists]
/targetlastenemy [noexists]
/use [dead,nohelp]Loot-A-Rang;Heart Essence

for Single Target
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button1
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button2
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button3
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button4
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button5
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button6
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button7
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button8
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button9
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar5Button10

and for AOE
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button1
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button2
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button3
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button4
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button5
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button6
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button7
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button8
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button9
/click [nochanneling]ElvUI_Bar3Button10

That is it, use whatever bar you want ofcourse which can be checked using /fstack command.