👨‍⚕️ The Ultimate Glimmerdin GSE 3.0 - Raid, Mythic+ and pvp versions

What MS (Speed) do you run this at?

75ms is what I run it at

Hi, I’m new-ish to Holy Pally (last played a few xpacs ago), I’m trying to set-up some basic macros for levelling etc.
If you don’t mind could you explain the below macros for me? I was just using really basic mouseover ones but I’m looking to improve my set-up.
Also does anyone have macros for judgement/crusader strike so it hits my targets target, or something along those lines.

pretty much just mouse over , but back when I was still clicking and mouse over the target target came in handy. But you can take that out


New here, and probably a very stupid question, but can’t find the answer:
How do you select which macro you want to use? Or is this done automatically (raid macro 1, default (so for mythic plus macro 2, pvp macro 3)?

Yeah, GSE will use the version based on the content

If your in Mythic+ then Default version 2 will be selected automatically


I can’t see the GSE code.

Where is it?

Reread the title, chief.

Updated new macro. Have fun


Works so good, thank you very much! <3

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Anyone else getting an issue where the button stops working between instances? Its like when I join a dungeon it breaks, I have to re-import it and create a new icon, then after the dungeon it breaks again. (By breaks, I mean the button no longer does ANYTHING at all.)

What Trinkets do you have?

Make sure that if you are leveling prior to gaining the Heart of Azeroth, you are not attempting to cast or use Heart Essence in the macro. This will lock it up as you describe. Remove or mark out that line for alts and lowbies.

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So all of the modifiers work for me but the alt modifier for Flash of Light. I cleared my keybinds but its still not working… any ideas?

Updated for GSE 3.0 Have fun ppl

https://discord.gg/94ea3hc << Updated Macro and Macro chat here

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Anyone else experiencing missed HS?
Wowanalyser says im missing to may HS and i am using CS even when HS is off cd
AHK is running with 85ms.
Here is an example from this weeks ID

Because people love to ignore Timothy Luke’s suggestions time and time again: lower your ms to around 250 (and test) because now with GSE 3 anything faster you’re flooding the input queue and skipping over way too many spells.


Well if you can show me answhere in this thread where he suggests 250ms i would have done so. The only thing Tony wrote is from January where he said that he runs his at 75ms.
Maybe you got information from discord because there is no such mentioning at the top or bottom of the tread neither in the ingame editor.

If possible can you copy and paste the pararaph from discord?

Check out the Discord :slight_smile: we have had and sorted this issue

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Hello @oiciniv,

You copy the long string of letters/numbers etc. usually in orange color and put that in the GSE3 addon to import.

Similar to a weakauras import string.

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