The Ultimate Glimmerdin is BACK! - Raid and Mythic and Mythic + Versions HIGH log Ranks upto 98%

Make sure and Set your Main Tank with Beacon and Focus on them (This will cast Holy Light on them when everything else is on CD and build holy power)

Version 1 Raid **Version 2 Mythic*Version 3 PVP
15. Crusader’s Might - Reduces Holy Shock CD
25. Judgment of Light - Judged target will heal raid when they hit it
30. Blinding Light - Personal Choice really, I like this with the packs of mobs
35. Rule of Law - Makes your range of heals and mastery 50% more for 10 secs
40. Divine Purpose - 15% chance of FREE Holy ability with 20% more healing
45. Sanctified Wrath - 25% longer wings with 40% faster Holy Shocks or Awakening (Most top pallys using Awakening now)
50. Glimmer of Light - Holy Shock will glimmer your target causing them to be healed when you cast holy shock on another target (8 Max Targets)

Both versions have the same talents, The only difference is Raid Version uses Light of Dawn and Mythic Version uses Word of Glory

Don’t forget the handy macros below

Handy in game macros:
Divine Toll: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Divine Toll
Holy Sock: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Holy Shock
Flash of Light: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Flash of Light
Word of Glory: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Word of Glory
Cleanse: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Cleanse
Blessing of Sacrifice: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [help] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [] Blessing of Sacrifice

Covenant: Kyrian - Divine Toll, Instance Shock on 5 people
Forge of Bonds: Kleia - Valiant Strikes, Crits store heals, someone drops below 50% HP they get instance heal (If you don’t have Kleia then Pelagos, with same below will do)
Conduit: Potency - Focused Light (Holy Shock Crit increase) - Finesse - Echoing Blessings (Nice little buff to blessing (Added protection, I use blessing of sacrifice on Tank if they are struggling) - Endurance - Golden Path (Consecration self heal)

So This works by spamming Holy Shocks for glimmers and Light of Dawn for mass healing for raids and word of Glory for single target healing in Mythic +

Consecration is not included, if you want to use it add it or do as i do have it on a separate key bind

Macro Version 2 is the ACTIVE version for Mythic, Version 1 is my work on Raid Version

ilvl 196 and QELive best Gear selected - BIS Holy Gear farming from wowhead and icy-veins



Talents: 1233111

This macro contains 3 macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.38.

  • Raids use version 1
  • The Default macro is 2
  • PVP uses version 3
  • Arenas use version 3

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration

KeyPress: Holy Light, Flash of Light

Main Sequence: Holy Light, Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, Hammer of Wrath, Light of Dawn, Judgment

Post Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration

Macro Version 2

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration

KeyPress: Holy Light, Flash of Light

Main Sequence: Holy Light, Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, Hammer of Wrath, Word of Glory, Judgment

Post Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration

Macro Version 3

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration

KeyPress: Holy Light, Flash of Light

Main Sequence: Holy Light, Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, Hammer of Wrath, Word of Glory, Judgment

Post Macro: Rule of Law, Consecration


Hi I have tried this macro but I have some initial problem with --MOD–… I have replaced all MOD with the correct @mous…ecc ecc string.
For now i have tried this macro only for mythic plus, is relay good.
Please keep it up!!!

post your non mod version, might help someone

Updated Macro with standard Glimmerdin build and wow logs screenshot

Hey there i realy like your macro but im kinda new to gse and ahk and i cant get the modifyers to work which you set for FoL and HL. Do i need a special script?

Kind regards

you must have them keybound ingame, check to see this then try again

also if using AHK you have to hold down the mod key till the spell casts

Updated 1/5/2021

Added in Consecration as we have opened up another Conduit - I choose Golden Path for self heal when standing in Consecration, it also help boost your DPS to 1k+ which is nice in Mythics +

It would be also work with Shielding Words in Mythic and PVP, but not so much Raid

PVP Version included as our BIS trinket is the PVP trinket

All the top Holy Paladin are using it atm


Interested in giving this a shot, but I have one question. How do you play it :slight_smile:

Please expand on your question

Basics are

Set Focus to the tank you have beacon on so Holy light will cast on him without mouseover

Then just spam the button while mouseovering the player unit frame you want to heal

Light of Dawn will cast in raids, Word of Glory in Dungeon and PVP


Never played a pally healer before and this seems very melee centric, I’ve played other healer classes before (shaman, druid and priest) and they are all very much hard cast heals.

So along side the beacon on tanks, is it a case of just melee stuff with crusader strike while the macro does the rest (mouse over targets that require heals etc)

The Macro will melee stuff with crusader strike for you. All you got to do is position yourself within melee range of your target to be killed

Beacon on a single tank as you want glimmer talent, and set your in game focus on that tank. then just spam the button mouse over unit frames who needs healed and the macro will do the rest

If Kyrian you will need to cast Divine Toll when you want to

and your all good. Works really well

Make sure your using QELive to show you, your best gear

Is there a method or macro that can be used for casting the likes of divine toll that pause the macro so it can cast, I often find myself having to spam a key to get something to go off as the GCD from the macro gets in the way.

you can add Divine Toll to the MACRO if you want

just add in

/cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead] Divine Toll

add it in below the first line /cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead] Holy Shock

Should be good there

This will cast Divine Toll on Cool Down

You could also add a mod for it

/cast [@mouseover, mod:ctrl] Divine Toll

add that into the keypress section and it will only try and cast when you hold down ctrl

Not tried any pause macros for it yet


I get it now, seems pretty decent, only problem ive encountered so far is those oh shit moments when you need to use a CD that isnt off the GCD, along side the need to cleanse debuffs which can be a pain.

No MACRO will stop the in game mechanic of GCD’s nothing we can do about it am afraid

I can’t get the activate the second row:

/cast [@mouseover, mod:shift] Holy Light

What am I doing wrong? It does not work with shift (and not with “ctrl” -> if I change “shift” to “ctrl”

prob your keybinds

check out this search results

Is there a command sequence that would target party/raid members based off hp% similar to the mouseover one?

Nope, this would def get you banned

thx. found the error. keybinding was already used by WoW itself. Deleted it -> works fine now