TheoryCraft expriment #2 ... Hunters

No laughing please … this is my first Hunter macro based on SimulationCraft data updated with the new Legion Abilities. I had to hand compile it to get a working version for my Mac.

Sequences['ZazurakAttack'] = {
helpTxt = "Talents: 1323321",
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast Trueshot
"/cast [nochanneling] !Trueshot",
"/cast [nochanneling] !Marked Shot",
"/cast [nochanneling] !Sidewinders",
"/cast [nochanneling] !Barrage",
"/cast [nochanneling] !Aimed Shot",

Let me know how it works for you. If people want I’ll post my Mac version of SimulationCraft on

I don’t know why you should Need Simulationcraft for this sequence Ambergreen.
Icy-veins has it all simulated allready, and Ask Mister Robot is comming with a Simulator.

Have you tried your sequence yet?
What are the ingame results?
What is your ilvl? (Stats are more important)
Do you have the tier 18 4-set? (Wich effects the focus starving a lot)

I think what the community wants is results based on testing ingame.



I’m getting about 38k dps single target and about 60-70k bursting to 130k on large groups in LFR.

My iLvl is 703 with pot and food no runes.

I like icy veins but it’s fun to do your own research rather than just following the crowd and using a pre-canned macro right? :slight_smile:

Theorycraft is all about how you play and what works for your particular character at the moment. If you have some improvements or suggestions about what to change I’d love the feedback!

I am noticing a little bit of energy starvation and mix it up a little with a single target macro to keep the rotation going smoothly. That’s a very good point.