This ~~keypress~~ spam, cant stop it

if i edit anything in a marco even delete parts of it i get that spam. how do i remove a block from a macro and not get this error? im trying to avoid burning all my CDs i prefer to save those. we cant simply click the X to remove tat block? after i do that im spammed.

It depends on What you are deleting. If you are deleting a variable and don’t remove the references to it, then your macro is telling WoW to say the text of the variable. KeyPress is a VARIABLE. If you delete it from the variables sections you need to remove all the KeyPress references from your actions.

Variables are different to Actions. If you delete an action that step is gone but GSE won’t remove all the references to a variable as they can be in every block and action. That is something you need to do.

ok that makes sense, let me look at it from that angle, thx.