TimothyLukes Arcane Macros

So under Mage -> Arcane, Timothy Luke has posted a macro and in the macros he has the following in the Keyrelease:

/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Rune of Power

Which is not recognized by the GSE, so my question is , what is he trying to do?

I cant post this in that particular thread because each time I go into in, it tells me I must be logged in and I can t login!!!

Cast Rune of Power if you are NOT channelling Arcane Missiles

Ok, that makes sense, however, the talents listed in ARC_BURN don’t select Rune of Power (333, they 331).

So, which talent did you intend to use in the 45 row, Incanter’s Flow (1) or Rune of Power (3)?


It varies depending on the situation.

It varies depending on the situation.

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So true, I myself never liked these “fire where you’re facing” type spells as I’m hardly ever facing the right direction, especially when running around/Blinking/etc…

One more question if I may, you have this “/cast” in the Keyrelease, I have read over and over again NOT to put anything in the Keyrelease, so, whats the scoop on that?