Tomorrows pre patch

So what macros will work for tomorrow pre patch

All of them except the ones that dont?


i’ve added macros for mm and surv. There are also some bm ones.

Mine work in ptr and beta so will work in prepatch.

Ok i was asking cause i know there are beta macros on another version of gse was not sure if they just swaped over or we have to do something specific my first time switching macros from bata to prepatch iv only played when patch was already out

do we have to swap over to the beta version of gse since or will it swap over when pre patch hits i just tried importing a pre patch macro to shawdowlands and i got you need to update to gse 2601

You will need to update GSE to the final version of 2.6.01 and then you will need to adjust your existing macros/import new ones based on the changes

already have that for beta will have to swap it over or re update it tomorrow when patch is done im guessing youll have a new update

for BM you just need to add kill shot in your rotation for both ST and Multi target. No big deal no dramatic changes.

umm hunters mark and arcane shot ?

This is just prepatch, not the new addon, the new SL stuff will be imported with main addon not prepatch…

Guys where do I get the final version of gse thankyou

Hunters mark nerfed to the point you dont need it and arcane shot is not even worth to press since you have cobra shot.
As i said you pretty much add killer shot and you are good to go.

You get it from Curseforge when server comes up tomorrow. It doesn’t exist yet in case they revert prepatch

Awesome thanks @TimothyLuke much appreciated