Tooltip not working with mod keys

Hi all,

I have this in the keypress:
/cast [mod:shift] Howl of Terror

It will cast HOT but it does not show the spell/tooltip when shift is held down. What am I doing wrong?

Appreciate your time reading this and any help you might be able to provide.



GSE is a work around WOW’s macro systems limitations. Some things, like updating the tooltip when you press shift, is frankly outside the scope of GSE. GSE only updates the icon and tooltip at the completion of a line. WIthout you actually pressing the button it cant actually do anything.

Is there no way around this limitation? For example, to scan the macro lines for modifiers and do #showtooltip for that specific action?

You could write your own mod and when you get to the same limitation I will be curious about what you come up with.

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