UBM: Ultimate BM Macro

Hmm not really , it just says AHK is Allowed. That does nottell me what kind of scripts are allowed.

Then I have no clue what scripts are allowed or not allowed.

There’s a bunch of scripts on here that others use and not one person has said they were banned by using said script.

I got tired of searching/using scripts early on for AHK so I switched PunchKey a long time ago and no longer need them.

Just get a Razer keyboard or mouse, use synapse, make a macro using synapse.

Razer Synapse macro’s are perceived as you pushing the button because it’s a hardware macro.

Whereas AHK is software and Blizzard will see that the button press is simulated.

Also macro’s are fine as-long as 1 button press = 1 action.

If your to spooked to use AHK or razer synapse then just put the GSE macro ability on your scroll-wheel for your mouse and just scroll it to fire your macro at like 10ms.

did you ever have any luck finding out the correct way to write [nochanneling] with Focused Azerite Beam so it doesn’t clip the channel? this is the only post i can find on the forums about it lol.

I know, seems like a pretty universal issue. I think most folks just choose another essence. I never figured out a script; So when I use it, i just stop the main macro and manually trigger. It’s less than ideal but is the only way I was able to use that essence.

I got a razer mouse, can u tell me how to set up the button press ? Please xD

You should be able to download/install razer synapse.

I assume your mouse has extra buttons a normal mouse doesn’t like buttons on the side or something.

When your in synapse you just click “macros” tab then type in a name for the macro and set the delay to whatever the GSE script recommends. After that you hit record and hit “4” or whatever button you plan on using for your macro on your skillbar. After that the macro should be made, then you click on the mouse tab and their should be a bunch of options with a picture of your mouse and all the buttons labeled 1-9 for example, their will probably also be a “side view” if your mouse has side buttons.

I use a Razer Naga Epic Chroma so I have 12 buttons on the side.

You basically select what button you want to activate the macro, click the box, then on the menu that opens their will be a drop-down menu, select macro from the list. After that their will be an “assign macro” that’s where you select the macro that you made earlier.

Then in playback option you select “toggle continuous playback using assigned key”. Then you hit save and you should be done.

You should be using Crucible for ST and Azerite beam as minor for the haste.

Condensed life force is better if you have it but you would want to activate that yourself since it’s a 3 minute CD.

If you want to be lazy and not have to worry use crucible, otherwise use Condensed life force on a modifier.

Azerite beam is fine as your main in M+, however if that’s what you plan to do just put it on a modifier as-well and as-long as you hold the mod button down it shouldn’t fire anything else. You could also do this for raiding to if you really want to use it.

ok thanks but are u sure the Toggle is allowed ? i thought u have to hold down the button.

I’ve been using the toggle every day since BFA launched.

Could you tell me exactly where to put Condensed Flame ? might need to be in a few places, ive tried a few places but sometimes it messes up the Barbed Shot going off in time to get good Ferocity Stacks, which is what makes the base macro so good in the first place. I recently found dropping chimera shot also helps with that (no need to change macro, just talent). i get best results running at 170ms.

IS putting Condensed flame in place of Mend pet ideal? Or do they have diff global cool downs?

Would you make a version that takes barbed shot out, so the stacks could be done manually? as long as all the other stuff is handled by the macro it shouldn’t be too hard to manage stacks alone.

Thanks for all your work, lets get it even better, right now i sim at 28k and i can hit that and higher with this macro in burst if i help it a bit by keeping kill command up a bit more, and pvp talents, and a nudge on barbed shot here and there.

your doing it wrong. spend 50$ on a corsair kb55, use the built in hardware macro. or use autohotkey free. its legal now

I started using this macro recently and it is bloody amazing!. I threw a aoe burst that hit 370K dps and I can hold 40-50k dps comfortably in Queen of Azshara heroic raid with ilvl434. I like the fact that this refreshes barbed shot in time all the time. It is perhaps a perfect macro, thank you very much OP.


I have used every BM macro on this site and this one is by far the most DPS PS, love love love it. The only issue I have with this is the auto-target in M+ has wiped our team more times than I can count. How can I set it to target the next target but not auto pet attack? Or just take auto-target out… I use another macro here for M+ and it works like this, I target the mob, pet kills it, if there are more pet continues to kill them once they are dead pet returns to me. I then have to target again to repeat, that’s the best way for M+ so you don’t accidentally pull rando trash.

1 turn the macro of when your taget is low 1%
2 take out the auto target from macro

i have no problem with any macro as i make sure i turn the macro of at 1% health and manual shot its that easy

Hey guys! This is my fight versus Za’qul Heroic last week.
I’m mariolenain, you can see that 43,835 dps using this macro!

My perfect dmg should be 48.552 according to this raidbot sim: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/fDVVJNi8aibL5oVurF31bk

According to movement needed, this is very good!
You can see my items in raidbot sim, this is classic. Sadly, none of my trinket are very good, i need the one on Ashvane and Queen!

Your azerit’s items should be all 3 with Dance of death. For others items, you need a lot of crit! If you can get a benthic with gem slot, it’ll probably better than usual item from raid.

Have a nice day!

Hi guys.

This is my last log versus Hivemind Normal mode last week, killed 2 times in order to help guildies.

I’m actually changing a few thing, especially with essence and trinket, i’ll post it with details and explanations tomorrow, nothing change directly in the macro.

Just launched a dummy test and reach 5M dmg in less than 2 minutes with a bit more than 42K dps without any buff.


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Is this macro still up to date?

It must be up to date, I am still using it with good results.

Hi there. I’m new to all of this. I’ve imported this macro and am using the AHK script that I found in the help thread on this site. The macro seems to be working fine, except the modifiers don’t seem to be doing anything. I’ve tried ctrl and shift, but the main macro just keeps firing. Any ideas?