Useful Addon (not macro related)

Hey all,

Here is an interesting addon I came across. Some of you might already be aware of it but I figured I’ll throw this out here.

Basically its like LFR but pre-made cross-realm groups. This comes in handy for H Scenarios/World boss, especially Oondasta. Yesterday I joined a cross-realm premade raid for farming lesser charms in barrens and collected 550 Lesser Charms in under 2 hours. Now I am set for 11 resets… Here is the link.



AWESOME ADDON!!! Got this addon last night and I must say its a ton better than spamming in trade for LFG. Great find.

Very good addon - great find there ty.

Just one question - is there any way to filter what you want/don’t want? I see a way to filter out Rated by ticking the box but I don’t do BG’s so do not want to see them.

Edit: I found it - in the Find Premade tab there is a drop down menu down the bottom - never noticed that at first.

necro lol. just now found this thread. I’ll check it out and add it to my existing 58 addons lol. Most of them are just plug-in’s mostly for Big Wigs and mundane stuff for particular toons lol. I thought about loading up my UI pack onto curse but i’m too lazy atm