Using Logitech to fire off gnome sequencer

Despite searching the forums and reading a lot of posts, I don’t really have a definitive answer to this, so please don’t jump down my throat and say to use the search function.

Put simply, my question is: If i set up my logitech G110 so that my “G1” key fires off a gnome sequencer macro that is in turn tied to my “Q” key in game, and I further set a button on my mouse to toggle on/off my “g1” key, is this bannable?

I have read that the “toggle on/off” repeat function is where you get into trouble. I have also read “one press, one action” is the only acceptable way to go from blizzard’s perspective. I have also read that use the repeat function on a mouse or keyboard to fire off a macro that fully resides in game (GS) is perfectly fine. These ideas all seem to conflict.


No, it is not bannable, so long as you stay at the computer. Hardware macros have long been acceptable so long as they are not abused.

What ms delay between presses works best?

Depends on your average input lag, 100ms-200ms seems average these days for input lag I have seen lag as low as 19ms but Blizz will get nasty with you for anything less than 20ms

Currently, I have mine set to 50ms between each “button press”, and it appears to work fine.

Yet, I’m unsure as to what I would look for in terms of it being either too slow or fast.

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Yet, I’m unsure as to what I would look for in terms of it being either too slow or fast.

Hover over the red “?” on your menubar, it will tell you your latency. Since that is how long it takes the server to recognize you pressed a button, take that number and add 50ms to it. That should be close to your ideal max key repeat. So in my case I seem to be running consistently at 68ms. 68ms +50ms = 118ms I tend to run right at 125ms for my key-presses so that is pretty close. BTW a 125ms key press is still 8 times a second. 50ms is 20 times a second and you are likely blowing by steps in GS.