Using Multiple Character with GSE

Hello All,

I am new to using GSE and so far it is amazing. It has really added a lot of enjoyment to playing WoW. The question I have is this: Has anyone experimented with using GSE for multiple toons? Currently I just have multiple AHK macros on my home screen and when I change character i change the macro. Is this the only way to do it or is there some way to do it that I am not away of? Also I dont know if this is helpful but the macros I use have different MS values. This might be because I dont have enough of an understanding of MS and they really should be the same value but if not then yeah they are all different.

I have 14 level 120 toons and at least 1 of every class - I use GSE on every toon i have. As far as MS goes the latest I have seen here is that MS should be the same as your latency. I run all of my macros at the same MS and have no issues.

how do you get your latency?

I use a mod or add on in-game to tell me. I’m sure blizzard has a tool that you can use to find out also though I can’t remember how to do it. Perhaps someone else knows. With all that being said I’m sure it doesn’t make a ton of difference if you just set you MS to 50 or so and run with that.


Hover your cursor over the “?” and it tells you the current latency when you’re in game

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If your Ms is lower than 100 you are begging for someone from Blizzard to come investigate your for botting.

Also if you want to use the pause function for timing in GSE then you need to be using a Ms that evenly divides into 1000. As it counts clicks as it’s way of keeping time. Eg 100ms = 10 clicks per second.

Well that’s interesting, I’ve been using macros for several years now and running them at 50 ms pretty much all the time, no problems at all…