Using the same macro in different charcters

So I tried to search for it and couldn’t find an answer, hoping I don’t upset people by asking.

My issue is, I have a few different characters of the same class on different realms. Is there some way to get the Lazymacro in my character macro’s without having to open gsse , export the macro then import it and replace the existing one?

once you import the macro, it should be on every toon of that class, long as your on the same computer when you log on to them. so if you import Prot pally macro, then every toon that is a Prot Pally should have the macro you imported already there,

That’s definitely not happening for me, I have multiple Mages and I imported on one and went to another realm and my mage has nothing in her macro (note, I am referring to the personal macro’s you access by typing /macro to see, the /gsse one is there but in order to get it to a button that I can bind I need to export it, then import it and replace)

oh, sorry thought you ment GSE ones. i dont know how to do it with personal none GSE macros.

I think I might be doing this wrong. I open /gsse and see the macro’s there. I see the blue book and mouse over it and it says to drag to action bar … but I cant drag it.

When I first import the macro to GSSE it makes a “macro” in the /macro menu that I am able to drag out and this is what I thought you had to do so now I’m confused :frowning:


I am an idiot… (obviously because I pasted here in the first place needing help lol) I didn’t realise I had to click create icon in order to make an icon and change the blue book into a question mark… Thank you for the help!!!

you are welcome, i was going to ask if you created a icon. lol