Utilities for restoration

Hello I want to play Druid resto for PVP and I need two macro :

  • one for go in bear mode for defence
  • one for DPS with guardian affinity
    I have see one macro defense in wowlazy but I impossible to find it now…
    do you have something to propose?

here is link to the bear defensives panic macro it works well

im not sure it is worth using bear to dps you dont generate alot of rage and dont have alot of attack abilitys even with bear affinity

I just posted an affinity AIO for healers you can try that. For guardian it pops defensives and uses mangle and swipe to generate rage and do some damage.

Thank you I will test the macro in PVP !

Hello thank you for the macro, I ha test it but it’s only cast mutilation while I’m in bear mode…

I dont understand Mutilation is a rogue ability. However make sure you put the macro on your action bar when your in bear form as well. Cause when you shapeshift your action bar changes.