Vengeful Hermit Updated 12/29/22

That last link is very outdated. Instead I would suggest this: ActionButtonKeyDown or ActionButtonKeyUp and Why this matters Macro Cycling not firing · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub

Also ElvUI seems to randomly change your setup and break things. As it has become so flakes a lot of people are avoiding a lot of pain by simply not using it anymore.

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Been using both variations of the macro (M+ and ST Raid), tried a few little changes myself but the main setup seems fine, still working for me up to M+16’s this week on tyrannical (Raging/Storming/Thundering) although its a little intense.

Also fine for HC Raid so far (all bosses) so going to see how it performs on the first few in Mythic, parses seem very gear dependant (Brood/Grimtotem trinket, Eranog ring etc) and at the end of the day, so long as the boss dies and I don’t, I’m not too bothered.

Looks like the Spirit Bomb build is going to be the way to go even on ST bosses however the M+ Macro /Talents don’t perform too well in raid (found out accidently).

Thanks for your work @Hermit hope you feel like coming back after the buff and carry on enjoying DH

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Been using the standard macro in 16’s, will give yours a go tonight and edit this comment with an update on how it goes, on training dummies getting about 12k DPS more with your version but will see how the mitigation goes, not sure how ED will work in higher keys since fodder is very valuable but I’ll test and update.

Have sadly not been able to test mine in higher keys as my DH is only 380 ilevel as of yesterday when we played, but did fine in the highest we tried a 13.

From what I noticed the fiery brand build is gonna be more suited for endgame stuff in m+, as the packs die too quickly in th 10-15 range that I’m in to get actual value from the brand spreading.

I get slightly more DPS with decree, but been kind of skipping out on decree due to the issues the game has with decree in macros not working as expected. ( as noted in this thread Elysian Decree Macro "You are in the wrong zone" - Demon Hunter - World of Warcraft Forums)

This issue presents itself with the macro here as well, and I’ve found it a bit easier to just stick to fodder for now until precise sigils are fixed. So I’d honestly advise to stick to fodder for now, just haven’t updated my post on it since still testing around with stuff. :smiley:

But definitely let me know how it goes in your higher keys!

I think it may be because were in tyrannical too currently, mobs will last longer in fortified and higher keys so from tomorrow it should give a clearer picture.

I haven’t noticed an ED issue so long as I cast it externally from the macro however I haven’t been in to all dungeons so might be a zoning thing in certain ones still.

to solve the elysian decree issue: go to shadowlands and change covenant to anything but kyrian, it’s trying to fire your covenant ability instead of the talent

oooh, curious, gonna give this a try, appreciate the tips!

Just gave this a try, swapped to venthyr, still an issue with being in the wrong zone when using precise sigils sadly,

How to add the Green and Purple Swirl back to the CursorTrail.

  1. Go to your Warcraft addons folder. (i.e. C:<Your Warcraft Install Location>\Interface\Addons)

  2. Go into the CursorTrail folder.

  3. Open CursorTrailModels.lua in any text editor.

  4. Search for 1685852.

  5. Uncomment that line and the next six lines by removing the first four characters on each line (the "–~ " part).

Those lines should end up looking like this …

[1685852] = { -- "cfx_warlock_demonboltfel_missle.m2"
Name = kCategory.Spots .. "Swirling, Purple & Green",
BaseScale = 0.025, BaseFacing = 0,
BaseOfsX = 0.0, BaseOfsY = -0.1,
BaseStepX = 3408, BaseStepY = 3150,
IsSkewed = true, HorizontalSlope = 0,
  1. Save the changes to that file, and reload Warcraft.

IMPORTANT - You will have to repeat this change after every update to CursorTrail.

that’s pretty much what i ended up doing. a little finicky but its chugging along well.

which version does more healing or better suited for m+?

Can I use one of these macros while leveling my dh? I am now lvl40.

ilvl 345. I can only get to 4-5 stacks on Boulderfist

wich one is the last version?