Vengeful Hermit v1.04

Thank you very much for this macro! I was level 45 this afternoon, farmed some Primeval Essences till I hit 48, did The Maw story, got to level 52 and spent the rest of the afternoon doing the world events getting 520 Primeval Essences and hitting level 60 and geared in all 252 gear.

I plugged in your macro and talents. I did the quest dungeon for the 278 weapon as a tank and this macro worked great. Good dps and was able to hold agro just fine. I had never tanked on a DH before and this was super smooth.

I have tanked before so I know what to do, but with this talent tree and macro it makes me want to main DH this expansion.

Thanks again!


Kicks ass! Really well done.

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I have to say thanks guys for all the support, its amazing to see the community enjoying this.

This last week I was finally able to get into a raid and work on the single target raid version. Logs failed me so I don’t have anything for that but it seemed to do well. It did ok damage and amazing healing as I was able to solo Halondrus from 5% to 0, preventing a wipe despite all the orbs blowing at once. I’ll try to release that as well as the off tank version this up coming week. I’ll also try to get some video uploaded of doing different things.

For giggles I might try soloing some raid bosses to put it through worst case scenarios.

Its really just situational dependent. If every pull you do is 5+ targets and its not tyrannical than I’d go SB build if on the other hand there are less adds and or tyrannical I’d go SC build as you will get more stacks of frailty.

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For m+ are you still running the same talents as In the op? I’m running the dark glare legendary and wondering if /what talents I should drop to run the dark glare talent with it (if they stack)

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Yup still running the same talents. Although I’ve been messing around with a couple of very small changes for an all soul cleave build for raids.

You could try this. If you find you are capped on fury you could pick up Fallout instead of Volatile Flameblood. I can’t say for sure how this would work out.

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As someone who has used Hermit’s macro since he first posted it back with the very first version, even before he added SC, I can say the SC really does not add much to the table at all as SB is far superior. In fact I have noticed a slight decline when utilizing SC. I keep SC on a separate keybind and use it when/if I really to.

Yo Hermit, this macro is a monster macro. Feels like i can pull entire dungs without dying. I clap my hands together for this master piece. Thank you for making tanking super easy lol
Best Regards


I completely and utterly agree with all of this. This macro claps cheeks.


Yep, this macro is amazing. I’ve used it for a week now and I’m amazed at how well it works and the damage and healing it provides. Thanks for the work!


would you mind providing your take on the talents? maybe offer a secondary opinion on something that might be different, if there is anything?

thanks for macro it works really well!

loving it so far are you going to update from 61-70?

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Yeah I planned to.

I’m currently having the same problems as everyone getting booted from the world servers. I’ll be updating as I go. Tank spec seems fine off the bat. I was able to pull huge groups and easily burst them down in seconds. I dropped a couple of talents out of some defensive abilities to pick up speed and more dps talents.


Yeah ive just managed to log in now seems to be that the world server is slowly coming back, just no boat too the isles lol.

Awesome awesome job with this, I’ve been using it for a week now, I love it. is there anyway you can update for level 70

Yeah got to 70 was a breeze must of been real close to a realm first, im pretty sure i was first demon hunter on my server to hit 70 i just followed Method vengeance guide for 61 - 70 for talent points.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Tank Guide - Dragonflight 10.0.2 - Guides - Wowhead

What talents do you use at level 70?

Any chance you’ll upgrade to level 70?

just add passive talents once u hit 70 no need to have it updated