Very Stable High Damage Affliction Macro 9.0.1

Hi All,

I based my gse on icy veins and all the information i could find on 9.0.1 for this spec.

The idea is to get all the dots up, let the macro do the part he wants. When u get max shards and drain soul is still running, just move slighty, hold alt and it will spam Malefic Rapture (go until you are drained of soul shards), which is the most important spell we got right now.

All my big cd’s i have on seperate keys: Dark Misery, Summon Darkglare, Guardian of Azeroth and Unending Resolve to have more control over situations.

I downgraded my gear from 129 to 123 to get as much mastery as possible, since it’s all about the dot damage. Today i tested the nya hc raid. I am overall in the top 4 list of dpssers. My guild is pretty competitive and i am only a few steps away from our top warlock from the guild with full mythic nya gear. So i feel confident going into SL and grabbin new gear, this macro will be pretty stable.

The macro is also single target. I cast seed seperatly on aoe packs, or i just target them all one by one with agony and corruption dots (what the macro does on swapping targets) and then i hold my alt key for malefic rupture to burn them down.



Talents: 3322123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.26.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Malefic Rapture

KeyPress: Unstable Affliction, Corruption, Agony, Dark Soul: Misery, Malefic Rapture

Main Sequence: Unstable Affliction, Corruption, Berserking, Agony, Shadow Bolt, Malefic Rapture

KeyRelease: Malefic Rapture

Post Macro: Malefic Rapture


Talents: 32?3?13

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.19.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Berserking

KeyPress: Summon Darkglare, Corruption, Heart Essence, Agony, Dark Soul: Misery, Malefic Rapture

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Agony, Unstable Affliction, Vile Taint, Malefic Rapture

Hope u enjoy !


I found an error in Keypress. Spell Siphon Life is miss spelled. It say Siphone Life. Easy to fix thou but you might wanna change it.
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thanks a bunch, the macro is now updated

I have a problem to cast a Phantom Singularity in this macro.

i will test it and get back to you

it should be fixed now

more updates will be incoming soon

AOE spec updated. Works alot better now

hi thanks for macro, i cant get drain soul to work with the channeling? always casts 20% then cuts off

Precisely that is the one you should not [nochanneling] but the others.

Maybe you have the azerite use ability / trinket interrupting it ( happened to my demon hunter ).


thanks alot for your input. I will be looking over the macro in the upcoming week and update it.

updated. let me know how it works out

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I tested it today and it didn’t do anything it was supposed to. It didn’t cast some spells, such as haunt and Siphon Life or Phantom Singularity and it just re-cast other dots. Drain Soul was continuously cut off also. It cast Malefic Rapture with only 1 shard - it never built up to 5 shards the whole time I tested it. I tried several different ways to make it work but in the end, I couldn’t…

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Macro updated. Should work now. It is not possible to get 5 shards with any macro unless u split everything up. Let me know how this goes.

Hello, maybe Im blind, but cannot see the AOE code? :slight_smile: