Viktri's (not really) One Button Macro - Dragonflight 10.2 Guardian Druid - v5 Tested and verified for 10.2

wow thanks so much for all your hard work and explaining everything, really appreciate what you and viktri have done!


Hermit is indeed an MVP.

I am starting to get the WoW itch slowly again, especially seeing all the newest lore revelations, the Arathi, Xal’atath, all that. But I know I will get instantly discouraged by the steep hill of catching up when coming back at the end of an expansion. So I will be back for Midnight for sure, maybe earlier. We’ll see.

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Oh gear is really really fast right now. Two weeks of spamming M+ and you can hit 483 with a 2.8k IO. Faster if you have a group of friends helping you feed gear. Obviously tageting gear is a bit more difficult (over 70 runs to finally get the neck from BRH and than it was mythic track in my vault the next day…)

M+ this season is easy to time +18-20’s even as a 450ish ilvl bear with your macro.

Edit to previous post:

Frank: Single target in phase 1. I prepot, use mark of the wild, incarn and RotS on pull. I use roar on the first pull in.

Intermission use moonfire and soak as many orbs as possible, you can save a FR or even use SI if needed for this, I can grab about 1/3 of all the orbs.

Phase 2 single target until infernals show up drag them to adds and use the aoe macro. You can grab both infernals if you are 483ish, they don’t really hit hard. Use warstomp and incap to interrupt as much as possible. There will always be two sets of adds so you can pop incarn on the first set and it should be up for phase 3.

Phase 3 taunt and keep him until you die using the single target macro (this was about 15 stacks on one of our pulls) keep barkskin and RotS on CD’s, use SI when stacks get kind of highish and you can’t seem to stay above 50%ish than use both charges of FR before popping Incarn as a last resort, than spam FR until you die, if you do.

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Ok so I’ll post this if people are interested in what the macro looks like on progression kills. It was a holiday raid so we didn’t have everyone.

I tend to play with a high brightness on my monitor (and than use inky potions…) If you have a hard time seeing stuff on Tindral try increasing your monitor brightness. I’ll have to figure out how to edit that.

You can see at 1:49:50 I stepped out of the second shroom before it blew up causing the wipe (as well as a seed being missed.) This is the reason I’ve started recording my game play as you can watch it and notice things you hadn’t previously. I would suggest doing this yourself if possible.

On the first Tindral pull I thought we were kiting back and dropping the next dispels were we had been previously. Thats why I ran away and was waiting. Poor communication on my part.

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3k io and rising using this macro :smiley:


Using which macro? Viktri’s or Hermit?

Has anyone else noticed that when when starting macro it takes a while for Thrash to fire? How can I change that so Thrash is one of the first things to go off for aoe threat on pull? I have tried several things, but for some reason I can’t get it to work

@Hermit where in the macro would be a viable place to put the following please ?
/console autounshift 0
/cast Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

i swapped a few of the talents about and taken dream of cenarius
Thank you