❄️ Vinimagi's AZEROTHS ICE AGE! - 10.2.7 - Updated 5/5/24

Back again and will be coming with some updates when I get tier!


Updated now that I have heroic tier set. I know this could be better, please leave some feedback, maybe some edits or suggestions!

/cast [nocombat] Ice Barrier ? - only when you’re not in combat :smiley: - i have changed it to nochanneling.

And added Frozen Orb in keyrelease. and blocked in queuelist :slight_smile:

Because i have m+ talents system on, if i hit 3 or more target, would it reset my frozen orb :slight_smile:

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Nice! How much better is that setup for you?

Now i have tested your marco and talents, it working awesome. but dps is a little bit low.

testing your marco with m+ talents ( Frost Mage Dragonflight Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft )
i have blocked Ray Of Frost and the frozen orb (because i have them in keyrelease.

It seems it working good, but im not the best one. (m+ build is giving a “free blizzard” too, and then i love your shift mod.
Flurry is lovely too with keymod, but mustly of the time do your rotation take it. so its winwin. :smiley:

I hope it gave you some idea/tips to m+
Raid: im using yours without change anything (only renamed Ice Barrier to cast when its free)
(raid: talent-> Frost Mage Dragonflight Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft )

I dont really do M+ so hard for me to comment there. Im glad you were able to alter it to work for you though!

I love your mage frost macro. Do you have macros for the fire and arcane? It sure would be nice if you did. :wink:

Sadly not atm. Since its the last season before next xpac, ive stopped playing. Mainly doing remix and beta testing.

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Love this one! Thanks for your work!