Warlock - Lazy Macros Update

There are so many DoT’s that I forgot to include one on all the warlock lazy macros. Thanks to Strokr for the reminder, on this update I included the Curse of the Elements spell (DoT that was missing). It will only cast this spell once per target because of the long duration.
Also the Affliction lazy macro version 2 (Drain Life), is now spammable! Had to remove Soul Swap in order to make the rotation to work, otherwise it would of break the channeling for some reason.
You can find all the warlock lazy macros on the sidebar category list.
I’ll be back with more soon…

I’m not sure where you are telling people to click on your sidebar but I see NO category for macros over there. When I click the Warlock category there is no link that I can find to take me to a macro page, section or anything. This sounds like an interesting macro but it is of no help if I can’t get to it.

Hello Valek, click on warlock category again and scroll down to select the spec on the left content like Demonology or others.