Warrior - Fury Update 2

Summer is almost over and the school is about to begin. So I have been visiting some of my WoW friends and soon I will be posting videos and updates as needed, hope you all had a great summer. So I have an update for the Fury Warrior lazy macro and it is a fairly simple change so it does not lock up in case of a mistake using the old version. And also besides combining sequences, I was able to include Execute to the macro. The Execute spell will go off as long you have enough rage after casting an ability from the first sequence and the target is under 20% health. I wish there was a way to include priorities and make them become smart macros, but I believe there is not a way to do it right now without third party programs. I also included the Slam macro to prevent casting it unless is instant. I will include this update and the slam macro in the addOn plugin as r8.
Don’t forget to stack lots of hit rating, use slam when it is instant and hold a modifier key for shout and colossus smash!