What add-ons you can't live without?

Name some of the best add-ons you cant live without!

I’d be lost without
(replaced my long lost silly kitty addon…buffs you and others on scroll)

(healing addon that makes lower lvl healing a game of whackamole)

(a get~all addon for your mailbox a MUST for bank toons)

npc scan
(it looks for rares for you and yells when it finds one…a hunter must)

archeology helper
(both archeology addons that make Easter egg hunting enjoyable)

(for anyone who ever picked up a green and said “whats this worth?”)

(for gatherers who want to find the most in the shortest time)

(lets you see what your weapon would look like with what glow…and link them)

(lazy mounting …it chooses your mount …so you can have some variety)

(lazy gear choosing…not always the best choice…take with a grain of salt…but great for lowbies who need to know what quest item is an upgrade and are unsure)

(mix with gathermate for gathering goodness)

and last but not least
Titan panel
(because I’m a minimalist for things on my screen)

The addon I miss the most…not silly kitty (fun fun fun) not lazy rogue (a blast and MADE you be a bad ass…so good that bizzard had to ban it)
but a part of lazy rogue…an addon they built in called
ganked: it told you (after you died or left combat) the names, pets, number, and class of your assailants (great for not feeling like a failure in pvp when you die in 2 seconds flat because 3 mages popped you in the back of the head but all you saw was one lonely hunter
I’d pay good money to get ganked back

Working hard to be lazy
P.S Stay lazy friends

Very nice list there Blackadder, I will try to post some of mine once I finally wake up LoL

One addon I can not live with out is Macaroon
It gives the ability of longer macros

Pvpness, announces efc’s class, health, etc… very useful in bg’s.

SilverDragon a npc scan that scares the snot out of you when it finds a rare, found all nrend spirit beast with that sucker in a weeks time.

Deadly boss mods, i fail at pve so telling me when to move or interrupt makes dungeons a breeze.

For fun try speaknspell
adds coments to all things stupid