What am I not doing?

Hello, I am new to this addon… Gnomesequencer Enhanced.

I cannot get any to work in game from this site, only the ones pre loaded.

I am copying the correct code fully.
I am going in game and typing /gsse.
I am typing /gsse.
I am hitting ‘new’.
I am pasting the copied code in to the sequence box.
I am naming the macro the exact same as the the macro text.
I am hitting finding the correct spec in the drop down menu on the top right.
I am hitting close to save.
I am opening the macros menu.
I am opening the Character specific macros tab.
I am finding the macro I have copied from this site.
I am dragging it to hotbar.
I am running to mob.
I am doing nothing except autoattacking.

Please help, i cant play without these one button macros!

You would need to copy the spells from the matching sections if you are directly copying and pasting from the site into the GSE in-game. The code on forums is meant to go into a .lua file.

This video may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpR3yCGY8zg

Around 2:30 is when it starts going over it.

@Axel that is very old and out of date info.

Try this:

Copy From here
In game /gsse
Paste into the big box
(The dropdown list will now show your macro name instead of blank. Side Tip: You can import multiple macros in one hit.)
Drag spell to action bar

If you hit New it expects you are creating a new macro from Scratch and filling in the form elements piece by piece. If you paste stuff in there it will be out of order and all over the place.

I would suggest this video instead as that vid is from June and that UI has changed a TON.


Thanks guys, i’ll give that a try!

Bloody technology confuses the hell out of me!