What is MS and how chan I change it? Answered

Basically MS is the speed at which people are “pressing” the button that the macro is bound to.

If you have a keyboard or mouse or a software program such as AHK that allows you to program a key/button to repeat, then you could use one set to a speed of 100ms.

If you have mouse or keyboard software you will have to research how to do it as each software has it’s own method of achieving this however if you have no software for your keyboard and mouse then your best bet then would be to download and install auto hot key from here: https://www.autohotkey.com

Once installed right click anywhere on your desktop and click new then Autohotkey Script. Once its open delete everything inside and put this code in:

#IfWinActive World of Warcraft
GetKeyState, state, 3, P
if state = D

Send {3}
Sleep, 70

Change all the 3’s to what ever key you have your macro on. The line with “Sleep” is your MS so in this case 70. Save and choose a name you will remember. Right click that file and click run - go into game and hold key it should now work.

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