What needs to be in a WindWalker macro

I’m currently testing and playing a Windwalker and certain things need to be in a macro to make it work. The rotation is dead simple though, it’s extra spells that you need.

Touch of Death (Glyph version) - Needs to be in the macro as it's basically a Monk's kill shot with a long long timer.
Chi Wave / Chi Burst - Both can be added to a macro. Chi Wave is instant and is overall better for macros. Burst is good but it is a cast. I'm currently not liking Burst that much because of the cast time.
Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger needs to be casted on CD.

If we can get those 3 CDs into the WW is good.

Getting Touch of Death in the macro is easy once glyph, the others will depend on talents you choose.

ive yet to see a true spammable DPS macro for a monk, it will chi lock everytime. for now ive had to split my macro into two. with RSK and BK in one macro, tho RSK does get delayed a little it does keep the buff going 100%


The one I’m working on right now doesn’t lock me up which is great but also doesn’t invoke all CDs either other than Touch of Death.

I’m waiting for a friend to get to level 90 so I can work on macros for Monk, but for now I don’t have any who I can test it with.

the ptr’s now have lvl 90 premades.