Which build

Hello Everyone
I have been lurking for a month or two and decided to finally create an account and chat.
Basically I have tried all three builds and I cannot really figure out which is better. I agree that using these macros really help but I am not seeing a pull ahead contender for the better warlock build. Any thoughts? I don’t really wanna go back to another character but I hated being in last place on recount.


Nice to meet everyone.

Hi. I also just registered.
I got to say that Warlock DPS actually depends on may thing link encounter mechanics, ilvl and also secondary stats.
I use all available specs from time to time. In CM its demo for trash and switching to destru for Bosses if needed. If you go for gold it’s always destru because the more mobs pulled, the better bombing works with fire&brimstone without getting out of embers. In raids it’s affli (and that’s the spec to be played for max DPS as soon you reach about ilvl 645) and got my destru spec as second for bosses with few adds which need to be burned down fast. Havoc ftw. I find myself always in the top 3 of recount, above only WW-Monk and sometimes a gladi-warri. But that guy already got ilvl 656, so it doesn’t really count.

What you need to know is that in my opinion the only spec that can be played “lazy” is destru. And it’s only semi-lazy because you want to fire your CB and SB manually as well as your Dark Soul and other cooldowns to time them with trinket procs or bloodlust.
So I use one macro only for ember building.

#showtooltip Incinerate
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Immolate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate
/castsequence reset=0.3 Conflagrate

You can spam this. On first use on a target it always casts Immolate first, so you don’t need to bind that to another key. Because you want Immolate up on every mob thats lives for at least 15 seconds you’ll use that pretty often. But you’ll need to have Incinerate also binded to a key seperatly if you switched targets. If you’re getting back to your focus target and Immolate got more then 4 seconds running you won’t to refresh it, so you have to cast some Incenerates yourself. Yo’ll also have to cast one Incinerate manually if you get to your third cycle of this macro without firing an CB or SB within, becaus there will be a wasted Immolate tick otherwise. As soon as gear gets much better it will be necessary to add another Incinerate to the macro.

You could add CB and SB to the macro with mod commands but it just doesn’t work as perfect as casting those yourself. If you want to be in Competition with your warlock there’s no lazy way.

I came here to check if someone had any idea on good affliction macros, but there’s hardly any way to get something to work properly because of the massive shard management that’s needed to get satisfactioning results in that spec.

I got nothing to say about demonology. I never used any macros for that because it’s pretty easy to play.

Nevertheless I hope I could help a little bit.
If there’s anybody out there with a working affliction macro i would like to see it :wink:

To answer the original question:

I generally agree with you. =)

There is not clear cut “best,” they are all +/- some equal in pve environments, imho.

I have mostly flopped between Affliction and Demonology this expansion, only playing Destruction a little. Never really been into that spec, but I do play it from time to time, to check it out, since it seems to be a fan favorite.

Pvp wise, Affliction imho is the only ‘good’ spec. They are all technically “viable” but require intense skill, great partners, teamwork, and so on and so forth. If you are more casual/randoms player, warlock is pretty horrible in pvp, imho. Affliction really shines in 3v3+ or bg/rbgs, e.g. more group orientated play.

You will find great, highly rated player(s) in all specs, but for destruction and demonology, they will be outliners, or exceptions not the rule. Lots of affliction representation though.