Windwalker – Beta

This is a quote from a friend that posted his work in progress on our Facebook Page. Thanks Sine.

Sine The'Kitsune:

Ive FINALLY gotten into the beta

/castsequence reset=target Jab, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Jab, Blackout Kick, Jab, Rising Sun Kick

works well for windwalkers at 85, wile not a true one button (could probably weave a few brews into it) it’s working for grinding

/castsequence reset=target Jab, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Jab, Blackout Kick

Is my baby attack …for under lvl 6 it was jab jab tigerpalm tiger palm tiger palm tiger palm… under 4 or so it was just a jab

ive not gotten to a aoe one yet but crane is fairly an aoe to its self…but you may want to pop a few trinkets, ive not gotten to play the brewmaster(tank) or mistweaver(heals) yet but with a tweak or 3 these could be serviceable dps buttons

Luis feel free to alter and rearrange these as you see fit, but its a starting point, i’m just giving back to the community

I need to look over this on the beta. I have a level 85 Monk where I can test this. I want to say it’s correct but I think there is a proc missing too.

I’ll report back

After doing some testing, it tends to run out of Chi pretty fast. I can get it to work for a good 2 minutes after that I’m out of Chi.

The second macro on the other hand runs out even faster. First one needs tweaking.

just a side note. i’ve now moved it up to

(the form of these macros are taken from your macros-cache.txt file, for use by people who like to place them directly into the wow folder)

/castsequence reset=target Jab, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Jab, Blackout Kick

/castsequence reset=target Jab, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Jab, Blackout Kick, Jab, Rising Sun Kick
/cast Energizing Brew
/cast Touch of Death
/cast Grapple Weapon


(not happy with this one yet as it chi locks all the time.)
/castsequence reset=target Keg Smash, Breath of Fire, Expel Harm, Chi Wave, Keg Smash, Blackout Kick, Jab, Elusive Brew
/cast Jab
/cast Guard
/cast Clash
/cast Provoke
/cast Touch of Death
/cast Grapple Weapon


IMPORTANT NOTES: if you miss ANY jabs (easy to do if lvling) you will chi lock, for this I have a jab button on my bar, someone better than I could place an alt jab button in this or an alt roll (or both)

side note 1: these macros only work in tiger stance (it gives your jabs 2 chi per one jab AND I took the talent that sometimes makes your jabs give off three chi)

side note 2: this is not maximized for survivability or dps…just I made this just for grinding…so if your good at that PLEASE share!

and as always these are works in progress please share your upgrades

ok…this works “ok”. one thing i want to note on (and i can’t see a way around this…) is that obviously it doesn’t handle Mastery procs efficiently. i know you already mentioned this isn’t maximized.

seems to work great for questing/grinding. and you could probably get back doing it in the level 90 heroic dungeons…but expect about 12k/dps loss as opposed to playing the Monk rotation by hand.

i’m working on something…perhaps a slight change. my biggest issue with the current Windwalker macro is that if you practice with it in a dungeon, or a dummy, you’ll notice that there are times where RSK is off cooldown and should be used right away, but it won’t. it happens on single target, although not as often as multi-target fights (since it resets the castsequence on target).

If anyone has some ideas on this, please let us know!

Has anyone figured out how to stop the no CHI issue in the current macro. Additionally there is a noticeable loss in DPS. Ideas?

Ive just started using this spam macros as to avoid hand pain. Now with an arms warrior in MOP greens at 85 i can pull 17k DPS with a spam macro/rage dump macro.

For the monk its just a mess at 81, it lock constantly and i gota boot it with a jab, will the monk ever work as well as arms?

I’ve reversed the direction the macro flows (ramping) tiger palm (small) blackout kick (medium) rising sun kick (boom)

Into boom first rising sun , blackout , tiger palm this fronloades the damage (makeing dps meters happy) killing (or almost killing smaller mobs quickly

If your having chi problems remove one tiger strike so there a little chi credit on the next round… Over time you still get the armor pen buff

The only problem I see with rising sun first is that it’s an 8second cool down so if your quickly jumping targets there may be a couple seconds wait until it’s ready to go off

one thing that helps is using autohotkey and a sweet little key spam script, you can adjust it for any button you want and this helps with hand pain and will help with DPS too…

this is the script if anyone wants to try it

keys = Numpad1,Numpad2,Numpad3,Numpad4,Numpad5,Numpad6,Numpad7,Numpad8,Numpad9,Numpad0,NumpadSub,NumpadAdd ; key-names/scan-codes to accelarate
Loop Parse, keys, `,
Hotkey *%A_LoopField%, KEY

StringTrimLeft key, A_ThisHotKey, 1
t := 0.2 ; initial delay [seconds]
Loop {
SendInput {BLIND}{%key%}
KeyWait %key%, T%t%
If ErrorLevel = 0
t := 0.1 ; delay *= 1, while delay > 0.2

just download autohotkey and put this in it, save your fingers/hands.

im a dumb ass , exactly what is that hot key thing and how to do it ? im a complete novice

I believed he say to download autohotkey. Try to google it, and let us know how it works for you.

Sorry guys i messed that script paste up lol, Autohotkey will let you hold down a button and it will SPAM that button for you, you can set any keyboard button you wish, it really saves your fingers and helps with DPS a little. many many use it even live streamers, so dont sweat a ban. if someone will live stream and use it its really nothing to worry about.

your an idiot all your doing is add spells togther none if this even works fucken moran

[quote quote=11418]your an idiot all your doing is add spells togther none if this even works fucken moran

Did you just comment on a thread over a year old about monks in beta?