WOD Beta Survival

Currently some of the macro functions are disabled so the 0,0,0,0,ability type macro fails it may just be this build. also no addons so I’m stuck with 255 chr’s.
Currently I’m using: Single

/castsequence Cobra Shot,
/castsequence [mod:alt]Arcane Shot;Explosive Shot,
/castsequence [mod:alt]Glaive Toss;Black Arrow,

for some reason I cant get anything to fire after the initial line unless I put CS first and BA last, anything over 4 lines gets wonky. Feel free to tweek this. (Sometimes I have to fire BS manually)


/castsequence Cobra Shot,
/castsequence Multi-Shot
/castsequence Glaive Toss

This appears to work fine.

I noticed the same thing with my paladin macro, having trouble with the above as well.

think its too early to say anything, seen streamers having problem with normal /cast “spellname here” macros