WOOT - Invitation to ALPHA!...

Many of you know of my Priest and Warrior macros - well I got into the Alpha and I should tell you - its pretty dang awesome and I have just begun. The music is totally awesome and its also fun getting access to every mount in the game aside from the gladiator mounts.

I cannot use addons so no macro toolkit; therefore, in the interim I will have to mess around with macros that are less than 255 characters in length. Oh well.

Anyway, I will keep this thread updated on what I have noticed. WOW - ALPHA INVITE

grats on the invite. I’m hoping for my invite very soon. I’ve pretty much done the Alpha and Beta for each expansion and hopefully it’ll be the same with this one as well.

Ah cool. Nice to speak to you. Well so far I am really liking it. I havent really noticed any changes to the playstyle or abilities of my DK, and I am guessing most of the class changes are very minor. I sure hope this changes.

However, the questing system is way way more involved than in previous expansions. I really am enjoying it a lot.

I wasn’t a fan of the closed alpha because there was just not much to do at all. I was in the first wave on closed alpha invited and i literally only played for a day before it got boring :C