WoW Lazy Macros Add-On Plugin!

That’s right! WoW Lazy Macros now has a plugin to import all the macros in the site to a nice add-On called MacroBank. It should be easier for you now to get your macros in place, no hassles with copy and paste. Isn’t that awesome? You can find it on Curse Client, Curse or WoW Interface. No worries from past lazy macros updates, is up to date! Hope you guys like it, I know your friends and family will love it.

WoWLazyMacros is a plugin that imports lazy macros located @ to MacroBank add-On.


Why Use WoWLazyMacros?

Human reflexes are slower than a computer, take advantage of this by using these lazy macros.


  1. Open your normal macro window (/macro)
  2. Select Options in MacroBank window
  3. Select Pre-Made Macros on the left menu and click Load Macros on the right side of it and close this panel
  4. Select any macro from the dropdown list and click on Load

Please use WoW Lazy Macros website if you have any questions or need support with a macro or the plugin.
Visit: WoW Lazy Macros Plugin Forum