WoW Lazy Macros New Design

I forgot to make a post about it due to crazy schedule and real life but here it is. It has been over a year since we have had a fresh look on the web
[See the full post at: WoW Lazy Macros New Design]

This site has been very helpful for me, my only gripe is the way continuous posting is handled, someone posts a macro, then someone else says you should have this line, then on the next post someone else says you should change that line then 4 pages later you still dont have a complete macro to go with you have to spend an hour going through and figuring out what the correct macro is, can we add a page for COMPLETED macros that actually work 100%, this is supposed to be Lazy macros, not spend an hour digging through 20 posts to figure out a macro, lol…sorry just a little rattled by the layout, if a there was a page for complete macros that would be great, then as new macros are discovered we could update the page with the newest macros. thanks for your help, just trying to give positive input.

Hello Joseph Geisler. Thank you for the positive input. It used to be like this when I was the only one making macros for a while but then the community grew and they collaborated to improve the macros.

Our moderators have begun to put together something similar naming the topics “compendiums”, where you can find all the macros for current patch but it could be time consuming testing and putting together these kind of topics. I’m graduating from college this semester and have multiple jobs so I can’t put as much time as I want to the website at this moment.

I believe the best option is for any member to start their own “compendium” topic for each class once they have found all the macros for their class to be working and make it a sticky where we can give privileges to update it once they have found better solutions to the macros.